Why Your Business Should Offer a Plastic Card to Customers

Most consumers have a plastic cards or two in their wallets. Besides credit cards, there are plastic discount cards, plastic membership cards and other types of plastic cards that UK business owners offer to their customers. Here’s some basic information about implementing a plastic cards program in your business.

Why Have a Plastic Card Program?

The main reason to use a printed plastic cards is that it allows you to collect a whole array of information about your customers, so you can target your product or service to a specific customer segment. Although collecting personal data for these types of membership cards carries some risk, consumers have proven that they feel the benefits far outweigh the risks.

More Reasons to Use Plastic Cards in Your Business

Offering a membership card or discount card is a great way to build repeat business. In fact, such a card makes customers feel privileged because they receive a whole range of benefits (including discounts) that non-cardholders do not receive. Implementing a plastic loyalty card, rewards card or discount custom rfid card card in your business will also allow you reduce the amount you spend on marketing and advertising. Key tags are especially useful in this regard, since they’re so consistently visible to a customer.

Magnetic Strip or Not?

Although a membership card or reward card or discount card can use just a simple numbering system on the card, the most effective way to implement a plastic cards program use one with a magnetic strip or barcode. This allows you to change up your promotions or target a specific customer segment. You’ll need to use some type of scanner or swiper with this type of card.

Businesses all over the UK successfully use plastic card programs to build traffic and increase sales. Shouldn’t you be doing the same?

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