Starting a Blog Versus a Web Site – Five Points to Consider

The primary factor you must consider before starting a blog is just how much time you are willing to invest. A blog, especially if you are not very technically savvy, will require a HUGE time investment. There is a lot to learn both in setting up your blog, promoting the content, and posting. Even if you paid someone to set everything up and to do SEO and promotion, and you just posted content, be prepared to post daily, at a minimum 3 times weekly. A new blog will require plenty of quality content to every turn up in the search engines, so plan on dedicating yourself to daily posts to start.

Blogs Can Rank Lower in the Search Engines
You will need plenty of keyword rich, optimized content to get really good placement in the search engines. Blogs are typically not ranked very high because they contain the latest news pertaining to a topic and less depth than traditional web sites. Of course, there are exceptions, but blogs generally provide more shallow coverage and have higher bounce rates. A web site may provide more detailed information and be easier to navigate, so would rank higher in the search results. A well-designed web site encourages visitors to stay and visit other pages. If you want to find your blog in the search results, aim for a narrow topic or niche and practice good SEO and keyword use. You may want to utilize the services of a professional organization to improve your blog’s performance and ranking.

Blog Content Can be Outdated and Unorganized
Again, blogs by design provide the latest information about a topic, in date order. A blogger will not go back and edit an earlier post to reflect new information or facts. Rather, he or she will write a new post. So, information on one topic can be very scattered on a blog. A web site, by contrast, would be edited to stay current with the relevant information on the page(s) pertaining to the topic. Look at a blog like a newspaper. In most instances, it is a daily read and, while archives may be helpful, it is fresh content that is most important. A blog about latest news, fashion or society events would fit this platform well because information is constantly updated and old news is just that…old news. If your topic falls outside that category, definitely make use of labels so that users can find related blog posts.

Blogs Can be a Content Mill
You may feel like a hamster on a wheel or like you are on a motorized treadmill that just won’t stop as you push yourself to post fresh, interesting content day after day. Six months ago you were excited, but now the blog feels like a pair of shackles. You feel that if you don’t post regularly, your visitors will leave for the hottest new blog that provides fresh content daily. Let several weeks go by without posting and you may find that your traffic is taking a nosedive. If you start a blog, commit to provide high quality content, build your readership base steadily, and, again, utilize good SEO for better ranking. Make a schedule and stick to it. Build in some free time (everyone is entitled to a vacation). You can utilize guest bloggers or even hire a writer to cover you.

Novice or Expert Status
If you are not an expert, then those daily blog posts will each have to be backed up by research. So, what looks like a simple paragraph or two post might actually take you an hour or more when you factor in research. If, on the other hand, you are an expert and possess thorough knowledge of the blog topic, your research time will be greatly reduced. Still, it will not be entirely eliminated as will want to cover new developments, techniques and/or products, in your blog.

By evaluating carefully what is required personally to start and maintain a blog, as well as the nature of a blog by design, you can make a better decision about starting a blog. You may start a personal blog as an avenue of creative expression. A blog can wonderfully supplement a web site and help drive traffic to it. The worst case scenario would be to invest a significant amount of time and finances only to abandon your blog down the road. It is sad, but true, that many blogs, probably too many to count, fit that scenario and have slowly faded away or were deleted when the blog owner found it was too much of an undertaking. There are extremely successful income-generating blogs, covering a wide range of topics. Do your research and carefully examine the pros and cons of blogging before starting a blog to help ensure your success as a future blogger.

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