Myth About Penis And Condom Sizes

Without further explanation, I’m sure that everybody is well familiar with condoms and their purpose of usage. Using a condom is probably the best and safest method to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease or otherwise commonly known as STD. Condom is also one of the most effective methods to avoid any unwanted or unprepared pregnancies. Many non-government organizations around the world are now actively promoting the usage of condoms in order to prevent AIDS. On top of that, they also plan to educate young men and women about safe and responsible sex as well as proper family planning. Irregardless of all these efforts, not everybody will prefer to use a condom – to them, wearing a condom is a hassle and reduces pleasure significantly. However, we should not disregard the fact that condoms are still the easiest and least costly method to handle unwanted pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Another factor that could possibly deter a man from using a condom is the fact that most men are not comfortable with buying them from pharmacies or any convenience stores, etc. Some men could be shy about this and they felt like they are exposing their private lives and activities. Well, the thought of visiting a neighbourhood pharmacy and then paying for condoms can sometimes be an embarrassing chore. Things could become worse if the cashier is a female or someone you knew in your neighbourhood. Getting caught in such situations are often a no-no for men, especially those who are shy in nature. When buying condoms, men also tend to grow suspicious of what the others are thinking. By choosing a particular brand or size of condoms, they became worried that people might became judgmental or secretly joke about it. For this reason, many Western and some Asian countries are now starting to sell condoms through vending machines instead. This is an ingenious idea as the buyer can easily choose and buy any types of condoms they wanted, at their own privacy. Although this idea offers a great deal of convenience to men, it however introduces a new problem as well.

By buying condoms off a vending machine, there is no way that a man can get some advice about the features of the brand he is going to buy. In contrast, when buying from a pharmacy, the man can easily obtain some advice from the pharmacist and hence able to find a brand that is more suitable for 調教 himself. At this point, it is important to take note that condoms do come in different sizes – length and girth. This is a very crucial point to take note of when buying condoms since buying the wrong size will lead to uncomfortable usage or tear. This means that the main purpose of using a condom is totally defeated and wearing a condom is rendered totally useless and ineffective. Therefore, seeking professional advice can be considered very important because most men are not educated about the different sizes of condoms and are not sure which fits them best. The main point is, always try to find a size that fits you properly – never buy one that is too big or too small.

This leads to the final point or rather a possible problem when buying condoms. If a man has a small penis size, then he will certainly be very embarrassed to buy condoms from the pharmacies. Well, which men will want to be seen buying condoms that come in the smallest size available? Checking out at the cashier with a small sized box of condoms might even lead to negative opinions from other customers in the queue. Condoms usually come in various colors, flavors or even shapes. This factor alone is already enough to make everybody in the queue curious about which brand you are actually buying. Although most men with small members will be embarrassed when buying condoms, you will be surprised to hear that men with above average sizes can be equally embarrassed as well. This is so since it is more difficult for them to identify the exact size that could fit them. Although these men tend to command the respect of others, most of them are still uncomfortable of the kind of attention they are getting and do not like to be stared at.

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