Mother and Baby Nutrition – Foods to Be Avoided During Pregnancy

During pregnancy women make it a point to rest and remain happy in every way possible without giving a single chance to feel lonely or desperate. To be precise, the family members take extra care when it comes to pregnancy and always try their level best to fulfil all their wishes to the core. The one thing that many of us forget is the importance of mother and baby nutrition that is made possible with a healthy diet regime and moderate exercises. Never forget that this is the primary step to be taken to give birth to a healthy and happy child. It depends greatly on the 月中醫推介 nutrition taken by the mother during the entire course of nine months. You can find several pregnancy diet charts in baby websites and other sources to give you a good indication and follow up on the same.

Mother and baby nutrition during pregnancy should consist of wholesome and natural foods stuffed with enough minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, folic acid and fats very important for the development of the baby. Common birth problems like miscarriages, new born defects, still births, low birth weight etc can be controlled to a greater extend by promising healthy pregnancy diet regime.

Did you ever know that there is an array of food items to be avoided completely when you are carrying? Mostly, this is advised by the doctor but you never tend to give any importance to this particular aspect.

· Mercury seems to be a major component in some of the large fishes like shark, king mackerel or sword fish thus responsible for damaging the nervous system of the baby inside. Listeria known as the bacterium that can harm the unborn is mostly found in fishes when they are eaten raw like sushi or oysters and so must be completely avoided.

· Excessive intake of vitamin A specially found in liver seems to be harmful for the baby even though moderate amount are feasible.

· Alcohol and smoking are two important aspects to be strictly avoided during pregnancy as it can result in learning disability, physical defects and other emotional problem in the baby after birth or before.

· Junk foods, oily stuffs, fast foods and greatly processed foodstuffs seems to push out your stomach but has absolutely no nutritional value and do no good for the development of the baby.

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