The Blu-Ray Gaming Experience

Get your virtual reality goggles out of the closet and hook them up to your PS3 gaming console because Blu-ray is taking aim at the gaming world with titles coming out that will knock your socks off.

Blu-ray disc plus CELL technology combine in Sony’s PlayStation 3 to bring you processing power beyond your wildest imagination. Cell processors are expensive but powerful providing the horsepower the advanced high definition graphics need. With huge storage capacities, look for movie/game combos on a single Blu-ray disc. Movie-game hybrids will change the way viewers interact with their movies adding adventure and thrills to the mix.

The historic “Stranglehold” by Midway Games Inc has been retooled to take advantage of the Blu-ray technology. Not only does the game itself feature numerous enhancements, the disc also comes with the high-definition movie Hard Boiled directed by John Woo. In fact, the original Stranglehold was inspired by John Woo’s Hong Kong action films making the ar 公司 inclusion of Hard Boiled a natural fit. John Woo was involved in the updating of this game as well. This Blu-ray disc is the first ever to combine an action-packed video game with a full-feature, high definition film.

Major gaming giants including Vivendi and Electronic Arts support the Blu-ray technology. With mammoth storage capacity, Blu-ray discs can hold the high definition graphics that the next generation of 3D game designers craves. With major game developers embracing Bluray, gamers can expect new titles offering vivid, high resolution graphics and animations, and virtual worlds unlike any previously seen. Photo-realistic imagery will soon be the norm.

The release of Sony’s PS3 set off a frenzy with gamers camping out at retailers for days

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