Sensing the Sensual Massage

The definition of sensual is the senses are gratified so when you are thinking about a massage you would want a Sensual Massage which will act on all of your senses which includes the sight and what you see, your hearing and what you are hearing during the Sensual Massage, your sense of smell and all of the smells you are smelling during your Sensual Massage, the taste and perhaps you have something to taste during this massage and finally probably the most important part of a massage, the touch. And of course during the Sensual Massage you would be thoroughly touched.

In addition the first five senses, a human may also be in touch with three more senses that the body feels or reacts to. These three additional senses are pain and during a massage a masseuse may cause pain when kneading a very sore muscle. Temperature is the second additional sense and of course during a massage your body would be feeling different temperatures over different parts of the body. The third additional sense is joint motion and balance which would be in play at some point during the massage.

When you are feeling the first sense which is the sense of smell you will smell whatever the masseuse full service massage hong kong is rubbing into your body such as the warm oil which may vary by masseuse. The masseuse may offer you different choices of oils or the masseuse may have a trademark oil they always use. Which ever it is you certainly will smell it during the massage.

The sense of hearing which is generally the second sense will be the music that is generally turned down low so it soothes the ears and your body responds to this music and relaxes.

When your third sense which is sight which during a massage you may fall asleep and sense dreams that you see when resting. Or you may have a vivid imagination that is activated during a massage and you envision all sorts of erotic things happening to your body as the masseuse works away on your muscles and joints and skin.

It is generally after the massage when your sense of taste comes into play as many massages end up with a glass of juice or some fruit to get the water that you sweated out back into your body.

The fifth sense which is the sense of touch will play a very important part in your massage. Without touch it would not be a massage as a massage literally massages the body and its muscles and joints. You will enjoy a massage over your entire body if it is a Sensual Massage and this should cause your body to react in one way or another. In the end your entire body should be relaxed and your mind feel like it is in a lovely place.

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