Tips to Creating Content for Your Blog or Newsletter

After several months of steady blogging and regular newsletters, you may be running short on ideas. When work picks up and you’re running from one project to the next, your readers usually take a backseat. Besides, when your creativity is already stretched to the limit, conjuring up ideas can seem like an impossible task.

Unfortunately, your readers may have already moved on by the time you’re ready to start writing again . With new blogs and newsletters popping up daily in every industry, your competition could be taking advantage of your dry spell.

Rather than letting your blog or newsletter go for weeks or even months without updating, spark your inspiration with these simple tips:

For any publication to succeed (and yes, your blog or newsletter is a publication), it needs to deliver content readers actually care about. In order to do this, you need to come up with a reader profile. Hopefully you did this when you first started your blog or newsletter. If not, this is a great time to re-focus and help get the creative juices flowing again.

Think about your readers. What age group do they fall into? What are their interests? Are they working in a specific industry? If so, are they managers, CEOs, financial officers?

Create a clear picture in your mind of your top readers. Imagine a person to represent each of your top 3 audience groups and write as though you are speaking to these people.

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