Blog Strategy For Increased Publicity

Do you have an online business but no blog to complement it? If so, you’re lacking one of the best ways to get additional traffic for your website. In today’s internet environment of Web 2.0 social networking sites, you’re leaving a lot on the table if you don’t take advantage of what they can offer your blog.

Many people online use social bookmarking sites to talk about current news events and yes, to gossip. Some of these top sites, like, for example, attract millions of visitors each year. People meet on such sites and share their blog posts as well as to find out the latest news . Articles on Digg are voted on, and the most popular ones get to be seen and read by millions of others. And Digg is only one of many sites out there.

Even if your blog posts don’t become as popular as you would like them to be, they still benefit by getting one-way backlinks. And backlinks are the bread and butter of ranking a site. Submitting your blog post to a social networking site is easy to do and takes very little time.

Another advantage to bookmarking your blog posts is called branding, which, over a period of time, can establish you as an authority in your area of interest or expertise. As you start to develop a brand for yourself, you can increase your rankings in the eyes of Google. Well-placed keywords come in very handy here.

A good approach to adding your blog posts to social networking sites is to concentrate on 3-5 of the largest and make regular posts to them. Even if you can only post twice a week, it’s much better than not posting at all. You want to get your name, brand, keywords in as front of as many people as possible.

If you organize a systematic approach to blog posting on sites such as Digg and others like it, you will gain more and more publicity as time goes on. Many wise marketers do it regularly as part of their blog posting strategy.

You own a small business and you want to be found on the net. So you probably went out and hired a web design firm to put together a site for you. You might have spent several hundred or several thousand dollars to do that. Now that you have it though you wonder what good it is really doing you. Let me give you the good news first. Your expensive site makes for a great brochure and it does not hurt to have it. The bad news is a site like that will rarely if ever get you any new customers. What you need is a blog, specifically a WordPress blog.

Why do you need a WordPress blog for your local small business?

The internet runs on words, keywords to b specific. In fact when your design company built your brochure site they probably told you that they needed a list of keywords to put on your site. You can actually see these keywords if you go to options in your browser and “view source”. This will show you the HTML code and in it you can see the keywords (normally up near the top). These keywords are indexed by Google and used to give you ranking.

The main reason a blog is so great is because you don’t get to submit keywords just one time. Every time you make a blog posting you get to submit keywords. So instead of one set of keywords being indexed, in a short period of time you could have hundreds. This gives you instant rankings in the search engines and puts you on page one of Google faster than any other method.

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