Various Options For Designing Your Blog

Having a well designed blog which reflects your blog’s subject is very important if you want to capture the attention of readers. Your blog should have a clean look and easy flow. If you are not a blog design expert, don’t worry, you have plenty of options.

The first consideration will be which blogging platform you are planning to use. If you choose Blogger, you may be stuck with the templates available at the site. If you look around, you may find some Blog skins or templates that may work with the new version of Blogger. Do an internet search and then play around with it. If you don’t have any luck, then you may have to go with the default templates. However, the good news is that the updated Blogger has a lot of options and you can dress up your blog with pictures and videos really easy Sherry dyson . Going with one of the plainer templates and then adding some pictures and video will still allow you to create a really cool blog.

While there are many blog platforms, the only other one I am going to address in this article is WordPress. WordPress is a really popular blogging platform as you probably already know. There are also some really cool free templates that you can use. There are available templates for nearly every subject matter, which makes it great for you to pick up an appropriate one really quickly.

Another option, as it concerns designing your blog, is to have one built. This allows you to have a blog created exactly how you want it. You won’t have to settle or try to make a template fit your blog. There are plenty of places where you can hire someone quite affordably to create a blog template for you. Try Get A Freelancer, Elance, RentACoder and Guru for starters.

Having a professional looking, well put together blog will allow you to make a great first impression. It will also make people want to add your blog to their favorites and come back. Of course, your blog can’t just look good, it has to have some substance. A nice looking website will get you some attention but it won’t make readers commit. You have several options when it comes to designing your blog. You can use Blogger which comes with ready-made templates and then add pictures and videos to make it unique. If you choose to use WordPress, there are plenty of places where you can find free themes. Lastly, you can hire someone to create a design for you. You can look for designers at places like GetaFreelancer, Guru, Elance and RentACoder. You can also check out internet marketing forums like Digital Point.

Investing a little bit of money or time to create a good looking blog will most likely be time or money well spent. A nice looking blog will make you appear more professional and give the impression that you are serious about your blog. If you take yourself seriously then other people are apt to so as well.

How do I make money from blogging?”. Well! To begin to answer that question, you need to find out who will actually pay you to blog. It certainly can be your gateway to earning extra cash from home. Of course, you have to become diligent and apply some amount of discipline ef you want to earn money from blogging, but that should be no problem.

One of the most popular blog site that will actually pay you money for blogging is This site will arrange for you to blog on various subjects including products and services that their readers will find useful. I have taken a look at and there are quite a few opportunities to write for individuals and companies. They are offering from $5.00 to $35.00 for each post that is created to show their offers in a positive light. This is not a shabby deal, if you are a writer.

One other popular blogging site that will pay you money for blogging is Blogtoprofit’s home page, although ranked 4/10 by Google, is very sparse. The only thing you can actually do on their home page is read the rules, read the FAQ’s, or sign up. Nevertheless, the site seems reasonable in their guidelines and if you have a blog, you should conduct a test by writing for them. The idea behind is to create blogs on your own site with their clients’ links, in context of course, and submitting the same to them for approval. They will then pay you by PayPal for writing the blog.

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