What Blogging Can Do For Estate Agents

There’s no denying that we are being swept up into a technological revolution with all manner of quirkily named gizmos and gadgets for the web… blogs, podcasts, social networking, forums, widgets etc. But what do they all do and mean and more to the point why should you consider them for your marketing strategy?

Before we go any further let’s fast forward 5 years and try to predict where estate agency will be www.earlynewspaper.com . Sad to say that your average high street estate agency that has relied purely on window cards, a ‘Prime Location webpage’ and word of mouth may be a thing of the past, no doubt replaced by a highly profitable charity shop or such like. This isn’t written to scare you BUT you do need to start understanding the knock on effects that the internet and modern consumer behaviour will have on the high street. You are not alone, pretty much every high street retailer will struggle with increasing rents coupled with the fact that bargain hunting consumers are becoming reliant on online retailers who can afford to sell with big discounts.

FACT – It’s no longer viable to rely solely on a static website. Yes I know you are just marketing properties at the end of the day but where’s the value in that if 10 other agencies are doing exactly the same in your high street alone. Let’s not forget that the majority of prospective purchasers head straight for either Right Move or Prime Location first too. So how can you increase your presence online and start attracting more prospects?

Blogs are considered trendy venues today fro people to write about their ideas, opinions, or marketing insights. Generally considered much like online journals or diaries, these have revolutionized the manner in which people voice their opinions, or even in the way they sell or promote their products or services.

According to Internet industry observers, blogs are comparable to telling it like it is at the street level, and has also made an impact on the real estate industry as well. Experts note that real-estate blogging began in the Bay area, got a foothold in New York and has now has gained much acceptance in most of the United States. A real estate blog could discuss local housing market conditions, trends, industry news, and may also talk about the lighter side of selling homes or finding the right property investment.

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