Using a Press Release to Generate Web Traffic

If you want to use a press release to boost web traffic, there are some things that will increase your chances of success. Unfortunately, some of these answers may be more expensive than others. For example, initially, you may believe that you can choose between software that generates press releases on free news services, or you can pay several hundred dollars to reach sites affiliated with PR Web. Today, many people work with press release software because it is much cheaper. While this software can help generate backlinks, it may not generate much in the way of traffic.

Some individuals are learning take advantage of a third option. Chances are, you can think of at least one local newspaper. Depending on your situation, it may be of some benefit to go to a local board meeting, or even contact the newspapers and tell them about your business. If the newspaper has a website, they may do a special feature story about you Sherry Dyson . For example, you may want to sponsor some type of community contest, or create something else that is news worthy.

When you make contact with a local newspaper, you will also learn more about how press releases are generated and designed. In particular, when you take the time to talk to a news reporter, you will have an opportunity to note the questions they ask, as well as how they develop the responses into a story. This, in turn, can help you craft press releases that can be used in conjunction with press release software, and other distribution services.

Unfortunately, many people have been led to believe that writing a single press release will automatically translate to increased web traffic. Perhaps it can be said that building backlinks should also be paired with making sure those links are in places where plenty of people will be looking. In many cases, if you make use of press release software, the news services themselves do not generate much activity.

Therefore, instead of spending a fortune for fee based distribution services, you may be better served by contacting your local newspapers. Even generating traffic at the local level may be enough to ensure that community members will send your link to diverse regions via email. That said, if you want to build traffic as quickly as possible, it may still be best to use PR Web, or one of the other larger press release services.

I’m writing this for all of you trying to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and chose an MBA to get there. I am currently a second year student in a top MBA program in the U.S. and yes, I’m pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. An MBA is a valuable investment! And in most of the cases not a small one! Let make things clear for everyone who did not enroll yet in an MBA program: if you wish to work with a hot producer, directly in the recording studio, or if you want to give directions on a movie set, forget about the MBA.

On the contrary if you are thinking about valuation, finance, business development, market analysis, strategy or consulting in any areas of the entertainment (music, sport, film, gaming, etc), than an MBA might actually help you. Believe it or not, behind the scenes of the glamorous lives of stars, running the numbers and the business are a lot of MBA alumni!

How to get there? The bad news is that very few entertainment companies recruit on campus. The good news is that they recruit though! The key to success, is pretty much defined by two words, exposure to the industry and networking!

How can you do that? While in business school, find and develop contacts with the alumni who are working in the industry! In most cases they are really friendly and willing to help! It’s also useful if you expose yourself as much as possible! Go to conferences, use twitter, use a blog, anything that can be tracked and help you share your opinions on hot topics from your desired industry.

A couple of ideas: conferences: Media and Entertainment Conference (, the blog site developed by MBA students pursuing careers in entertainment, After you register, you are free to share your ideas with the rest of the world.

Why is blogging helpful? These days there’s a blog about almost everything-from the daily headlines to pictures of pets in embarrassing costumes. That’s not surprising given blogs are easy to start, usually free, and a great way to tell the world what you’re thinking. But what many people don’t realize is that a blog can also be a vital tool for job hunting.

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