Writing for Partwork Magazines

As Christmas approaches now is the time that all those partwork magazines begin appearing on the shelves of news agents and the cheesy TV adverts announcing their release start to dominate the commercial breaks. ‘But what is a partwork magazine?’ I hear you ask. The term ‘partwork’ in this literary sense relates to those magazines that are released as a series – where one magazine is released a week the first is usually cheaper to get you hooked into collecting the remainder Elisa Gayle Ritter .

Three of the biggest publishing houses for partwork magazines are ‘GE FABBRI’, ‘DE AGOSTINI’ and ‘HACHETTE PARTWORKS’. Recent partwork series’ released by these publishing houses include: ‘Dora Dress Up and Go’, ‘Doctor Who DVD files’, ‘Shrek’s Quests’, ‘Hello Kitty Party’ and ‘Tiger Time’.

So, if you are interested in writing for or working with these magazines, how do you go about this? Well the first important fact to know is that most partworks now outsource the writing and editing of their magazines to parties known as ‘packagers’ – primarily because this works out to be a cheaper way to work for the publishing houses.

Packager companies do at times consider working with freelancers for writing and editing. Their advice is to send in your CV with clear evidence of your experience of writing and editing that relates to this project. They also ask that you make it very clear in your CV whether you are a Generalist writer or a Specialist writer when it comes to partwork magazines. A partwork writer can deal on the surface with most subject matters, whereas a specialist really knows their stuff in one or two specific fields.

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