Top 7 Dos and Don’ts of Being an Entertainer

Entertaining at an event is an important responsibility. Whether it is a corporate event, social event or wedding there are certain things that all entertainer should do and also things they should avoid. By following these dos and don’ts will guarantee success and avoid failure.

1. Be Punctual – Being late to any event is unacceptable and demonstrates unprofessional behaviour. As an entertainer your time is being paid for so there is no excuse for being late. In fact being early will allow you to mingle with the guests and or attendees. This will assist you in building a strong rapport with the guests at the event and if asked for feedback attendees will be more inclined to be positive.

2. Ensure you are prepared – It is essential to know your audience. This is especially important in a corporate environment. At a corporate event you should attempt to present something knew or provides strategies for applying some common sense work practices. Never patronise your audience Project free tv . At a social event it is a priority to set up before the guest arrive. As an entertainer you don’t want the guest to see you struggling with you equipment.

3. Make sure that you are relevant – Make sure that you meet the client’s needs and understand the theme or desired outcome of the event. As an entertainer the worst thing you could do is to present something those conflicts with the theme or is repetitive. Ensure you know what other entertainers are presenting so that you alter your act to be different and innovative.

4. Always attempt to position yourself in front of the event or so as to allow all attendees or guests to get a good view of you. You are after all the entertainer and it is your job to capture the attention of all at the event.

5. Familiarise yourself with key people’s names such as any guests of honour, people you may have to introduce, the birthday girl or boy or event the CEO of the company at the event.

6. Enthusiasm is the key to engaging the crowd and as a professional entertainer you should have some strategies for this in your bag of tricks. A good entertainer will excite and inspire a crowd and keep them wanting more.

7. Provide Varied Entertainment – If you are entertaining for any length of time, you should attempt to split the time up into different activities. You don’t want the guest and the attendees to be bored or become distracted, so varying the activities will be essential in keeping an upbeat vibe and the interest of all.

11. Testimonials and demo videos are most important – Don’t get fooled by slick graphic design and gimmicks that make a person look like a star even though they’ve only done two shows. Look at their demo video so you can see them perform. Make sure they have letters from past clients and that they worked for them more than once!

12. Your guests may suck – If your guests are sourpusses, drunk, loud, obnoxious, or just plain jerks, it’s a waste of your money. Look, it’s your dime, but if you hire a great entertainer, you should let your guests know ahead of time. Put it in the invitation, and make sure they know it’s a big deal to you. If you tell them in the invite that, “Zach Waldman, an incredible comedian and magician from the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA is going to be entertaining,” and to arrive early or miss out, they’ll show more respect. Also, when you talk to them on the phone, tell them how excited you are about the entertainment and how great it’s going to be. When the entertainer arrives, make it a big deal, make it special, because if you hired somebody great, IT IS SPECIAL. If you convey how important the entertainment is, the entertainer will be treated better and in turn do a better show.

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