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Health is wealth; and rightly so; if one is healthy, it is only then that one can experience the true pleasures of life. The fast paced life these days has taken a toll on almost all of us. Heart attacks, high blood pressure, among other diseases have victimized many of us, and the humongous health care expenditure has burnt a hole in our pockets.
Health insurance companies provide an answer to all our insurance needs by providing the most apt health insurance schemes for their clients. These policies provide complete health coverage. Health care online is also made available to make the insurance an easy process, which is accessible to one and all . These online insurance products are extremely easy to buy and use. The whole process is extremely simple and does not involve any medical examinations at all.

The health policy is issued either to an individual, or a family, and the duration of this health coverage is for one year. The family health coverage includes spouse, dependent, children and dependent parents. The health care provides health coverage to individuals from the age of 5 years to the maximum age limit of 50 years. It may be noted that the health coverage of a child dependent would only start 91 days after both the parents are covered under this health policies. The premium for health insurance packages depends upon the age of the Insured person and the sum insured option he or she chooses.

Health care online makes it easy for the prospective buyers to get in touch with the executives, who guide them about the best health policy; suiting their needs and requirements. The health insurance products offered have a number of benefits including in-patient treatment, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, day-care procedures, organ donor, etc. As per this health care, the person insured can claim 100% hospitalization expenses. Insured under this health policy, an individual can also avail medical expenditure for Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy treatment; up to 10% of the sum insured.

If you are looking for the best health insurance, you can surf the net to find a plethora of options to suit your needs and requirements. What makes these health care policies more attractive are the special discounts that are offered to the clients. Though there are a number of companies, which provide health insurance schemes in the market. You can save time by purchasing health insurance online.

Health coaching is a method used that’s becoming more and more recognizable to almost all health care delivery systems – hospitals, health clinics and facilities, healthcare companies, and medical and nursing schools that’s geared towards the improvement and maintenance of ones health and the management of an individual’s infirmity and health conditions, especially those having chronic illnesses by means of lifestyle and positive behavioral changes. It is an organized and well-defined relationship between the patient and the health advocate, also known as the health coach that productively stimulates the participant to make necessary changes in their conducts by means of helping the client in exploring and resolving their indecisiveness in behavioral change in order to achieve optimum health.

Health coaching is a lot more different than providing health teachings or health education especially if the concern here is bringing-about long term goals. Health teaching is the method used in imparting information such as how the disease occurred, the medication regimen, activity guidelines, and diet restrictions directly to the client, leaving him no choice but to adhere to the prescribed instructions based on his current condition through written home instructions, pamphlets and booklets. Health coaching on the other hand, allows the patient to ventilate what’s bogging him or her about his present health status and express his or her desire to what hindrances in achieving optimum health to get rid of and curtail to allow change of healthy behaviors, and what kind of health support does he or she want. Health coaching is client-centered, which means that its focal point is directed to addressing health issues and concern that are only true to a particular situation in the patient’s life.

As of now, the patients have the right to understand what their options in attaining optimum health are and they need health coaches with medical backgrounds who can interpret to them the complexity and the technicality of their condition according to their level of cognition and advise them the various ways on how to deal and make amendments in their lifestyle.

A health coach focuses on issues pertaining to the individual’s standard of living and how to improve it. Health coaches do not function to formulate diagnoses, give prescription to medications or to give health teachings, but they are there to guide, direct, and encourage an individual to identify and set attainable objectives that are vital in improving the quality of his or her life. It is a way of helping health advocates in motivating the patients to let go of their ambivalence, making them ready to make the behavior change and embolden them to take control of the precipitating risk factors and seek the appropriate course of therapy in addressing their chronic disease condition.

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