Is Aloe Vera the “Miracle Plant”?

I have had an Aloe Vera plant for years but I’ve only ever used it for sunburns and scrapes. I had no idea how many other things the plant could treat and I was pretty surprised! I love finding natural solutions in place of pills and chemicals so I was excited to check out the e-book Aloe: Your Miracle Doctor by Yulia Berry.

I ordered the book because I wanted to learn more about how to use the plant but what was cool was that the book even outlines the history of the plant a course in miracles . To be honest, I never even thought about the history before but it was actually really interesting. I don’t want to give too much away (I hate when people do that with books and movies), but use of the Aloe Vera plant goes way back when it was used by Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. The book also discusses how pharmaceutical companies don’t want the public to know about the healing benefits of Aloe Vera because they of course want the $$$ from prescription pills and lotions. Not a big surprise to me at all!

Aloe Vera has always worked great for my sunburns and scrapes but who knew that you could actually use the gel in the plant for things like nausea, constipation, diabetes, arthritis a course in miracles workbook lessons , menstrual cramps, acne and so much more… 80 ailments! So, right now I am testing the plant on a scar that I got from a curling iron and bruise on my leg that honestly I have no idea how I got! I gave some of the plant to my friends to test it out on some of the issues they’re dealing with so I’ll have to give you an update when we conclude our experiments. Scientists…not so much but we are able to read directions and tell if something feels better. Lol! But for now… it is a smooth read and I have to believe that it really works on a lot of the problems listed in the book. By the way… it also tells you how to take care of your plant so if you’re worried about killing it, the book prepares you. It’s not that hard either, the plant is really resilient. I haven’t had to do very much with mine at all!

Another factor to be aware of if our dreams are ‘not’ manifesting is how in touch are we with our true self; our inner self and our subconscious mind? The subconscious mind is very powerful and affects us far more than we are usually conscious of. We can talk about the book The Secret until the cows come home, do our creative visualization exercises and state our positive affirmations and still not get results if our subconscious mind does not believe this. We can talk about abundance and prosperity all we want but if the subconscious has incorporated the belief system that ‘money is the root of all evil’ and a bad thing, we will sabotage our prosperity and abundance. The same goes for relationships.

I have a dear friend who constantly talks about wanting to find a good man to marry. Let us recall that often the subconscious mind will try to get our attention in many ways to show us what we really believe instead of what we claim to believe. This sometimes occurs in those proverbial ‘Freudian Slips’ that we make or even things we say where it becomes obvious that we don’t ‘really’ believe what we claim to believe and say.

Back to my dear friend. She will go on and on about wanting a husband and marriage then in the next sentence she will say that men are stupid, selfish, ignorant jerks. I have called her upon it more than once, reminding her that not ‘all’ men are stupid, ignorant jerks even though there are a lot of them as there are women as well. My friend wonders why she does not attract men. The answer is that her subconscious has incorporated her belief that men are jerks and sabotages every potential relationship. Her subconscious belief is so ingrained that she does not even attract men. I think she could very well be an emotional lesbian and might do better with a woman, though she claims she loves men. I also believe that she has not come to terms with her father. He put her down as a child, constantly calling her ‘fattie’ and such, and I sense that such experiences help create her distrust or liking of men. Yet she claims that she has forgiven him and all is well. Then why does she not attract men? As the saying goes denile, denial, ain’t just a river in Egypt. If we are deluded from ourselves how can we attract the relationship and love or prosperity we crave? It is when we are daring enough to meet and confront our fears, and inner demons that we can become free.

The truth is that human beings are really very complex. I personally know about the strength of the subconscious mind as I am a writer. I’ve struggled as a tortured artist most of this lifetime and in my last life as well, from the past life regressions I’ve had. Consciously, I have known for years how I love to write and I even gave up a career as a college professor to pursue my writing dream. So why has it been a struggle for over twenty years and why have I stopped and started so many times? The answer is that my subconscious mind has not believed in my worth as an artist. Why is this? It is because as a child my father constantly berated and criticized me, putting me down by saying things like I would never amount to anything. That I was a loser etc. The inner child accepted that and those words were so strong from an abusive father that my subconscious mind adopted them as truth. So even though I’d claim how badly I ached to receive recognition, money, status etc. for my hard work and tons of hours writing and editing, my subconscious had accepted that I was basically worthless.

I recall going into a major depression several years back when my first story was published. I looked at the cover design, read the story, and was filled with joy. But the next morning I woke up extremely depressed. It made no sense. My friends thought I was acting crazy. After all this time and so many rejections I finally got published. I should be in seventh heaven. The only person who understood me was my friend who was also a psychotherapist. She knew right away what was up. I called her and told her I was depressed when I should be jubilant. “I know why you are depressed,” she said softly. “Your inner child does not believe he is worth success because his daddy always put him down. This breakthrough you have made with your hard work and efforts has upset the apple cart as the saying goes. Your inner child still hears those mean things his daddie used to say, and he still believes them. The only way you are going to get over this and learn to love your art and embrace success is to face, confront and deal with the ‘part’ of you that thinks you are piece of s…t. It is your inner child who is depressed. It always is the inner child who gets depressed.” That was a lot to swallow but I listened and we had a few sessions. I realized that my dear friend was totally right. Once I started facing the part of me that thought I was worthless, I was able to see ‘that part’ for what it was and how it had been sabotaging my dreams for most of my life.

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