Latest PMP Exam Changes Underway for 2011

Have you been contemplating about appearing for the PMP certification this year? Well, before you start your preparation and fill out the forms, it is good to be updated about the latest syllabus, date of examination and changed rules CCNA certification . Most of the people go in for higher qualifications and certifications for better salaries and higher promotions.

Project Management Professionals have to pass the Project Management Professionals exam to earn the certification. There are changes underway for this exam. These changes are scheduled to take effect as on Aug. 31. When pursuing PMP certification, a project manager needs to earn credentials. There is a lot of preparation needed to earn this examination by passing the exam. Anyone that is studying to take the PMP exam needs to be aware that the PMP exam schedule is changing and notice the date. Of course, if the exam date is after Aug. 31 it will affect the person appearing for the exam, but if it is before that date they need to prepare for the current exam. Students want to be as prepared as possible and these changes can be concerning.

The upcoming PMP exam changes will affect around 30% of the exam. The areas that will be most changed are the Professional and Social Responsibly content area (Domain 6). The element will no longer be a separate element available on the exam, but have its own domain. Another important note while studying is the PMBOK version will remain unchanged. This is the main reference for studying for the exam, but the actual exam will be changed. Another element is skills related to working with tasks will be set forth. The new PMP Examination Content Outline and the new RDS are included with these tasks.

The PMBOK is usually updated every four years and the PMI course has been updated as well for the exam’s routine changes. The PMBOK is not scheduled for update until 2013. A concern is that students will be confused with these changes, but a real concern is that the PMBOK is not changing, which is usually not the case. Students need to be reminded at the fourth edition of PMBOK is the up to date version of the guide that is being used with the new PMP exam changes.

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