8 Compelling Reasons Every Employee Should Start A Part-Time Business

The most common route for most people to take after graduation from college is to look for a job. Very few people make up their minds from the onset to go into business for themselves.

Majority shy away from business for many varied reasons even though it never occurs to them that paid employment is actually work for someone who is running his or her own business.

Even when you work as an employee, it is not always possible from the outside to find and get work in the right environment businessmantalk.com . By the right environment, I mean one where your employer enables you to find fulfillment in working there.

Unfortunately, only very few organizations are able to do this for their staff and that is why there is so much dissatisfaction in the work place environment.

Some organizations believe they are doing their staff a favour with the employment offer and so believe employees should be contented with earning their pay and should never have a reason to be dissatisfied.

Such organizations are simply unaware or even bothered to understand what things their employees consider important as a driver of productivity.

On the other hand, most employees are unable to come to the decision to go into business for themselves because they are practically unable to come up with the right reason(s) to make up their minds.

Fear of the unknown, that is, moving from a comfort zone of earning a regular pay check, to one of perceived uncertainty of regular income is usually the motivating factor that keeps them hooked to the job.

If you are working in a great environment where things are working for you, I am most happy for you and sincerely hope your employers would continue in that tradition to make it great for everyone and not just you and a few others.

When a small business owner starts thinking about a web design, or a new web design, there are a few things that they could do to create a more successful web site before the design even begins. And perhaps the most important thing a business owner can do is to stick with what they know — doing business. This article series is about keeping and using your business perspective while saving money.

As a small business owner you are confident about running your business and if I came along and said to you, “You know, I think you should move this counter against that wall and put a display case here”, you would probably tell me to mind my own business because you could see that I don’t have a clue about how to run your business.

And then you sit down with a web designer and your business brain gets turned off as you become intimidated by web technology. Perhaps the web designer means well, but who knows more about your business and what is good for your business than you?. So, let’s get something on track here before it’s too late — there is not a web designer in the world that knows more about what’s good for your business than you do. Just turn that business brain back on and let’s get to work.

The first thing we want to do is always think in business terms. You’re a business person and you understand business language and you have business savvy, and that is all you need because a business web site should be about business.

When your web designer is asking you if you want a Flash intro then imagine what that would be like for your material office, warehouse, shop truck or whatever your business works out of. Think about opening the shop truck and being greeted by the same recording every time. Imagine customers entering your warehouse and being greeted by an animated poster guy dancing out a welcome tune.

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