You’re Not Going to Believe This One – Roofing Contractor Installs Roof on the Wrong House

It was probably about 15 years ago when me and another contractor were working for a roofing contractor, every once in a while. This roofing contractor would have a demolition crew come in and remove all of the roof shingles and we would make any of the necessary wood repairs and re-sheet the house with plywood if necessary.

It would usually take the demolition crew about three to four hours to remove all of the roofing materials modified bitumen roof system. We would arrive on the job around 10 o’clock and if they were ready, we would start working. If they weren’t, we would wait until they were done, because we wanted to finish that same day.

The roofing contractor that we were working for would give us the job address and then give us directions on how to get there. We would work on a lot of houses, where no one was home and we didn’t think anything different about this one.

We did our job and the contractor paid us for a work. I didn’t think anything about it, until it a few days later, he told us that he had another job and gave us the same address number with a different street. I didn’t think nothing of it, because stuff like this happens to me every once in a while. I once worked on a room addition that was about five streets away from the house I was living in and they had the exact same address number as I did.

When he gave us directions, I realized that we had just worked on a house in that same neighborhood and ask him if he got another job from the house that we just did. That’s when he started to explain that we roofed the wrong house. He gave us the wrong directions and the homeowners who had the new roof wasn’t happy at all, until he said that he wouldn’t charge them for the new roof.

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