The Kohinoor – A Curse or a Blessing?

The once largest known diamond in the world was originally found approximately 5,000 years ago; evidence suggests that it originated in Golconda Kingdom, in Hyderabad sultan toto, Andhra Pradesh, a state in India. At that time it was said to have weighed 793 carats, but was reduced to 186 carats by a jeweler named Borgio. At 793 carats, it must have been a truly immense diamond.

Persian king Nadir Shah gave the stone its name “Kohinoor” meaning “Mountain of Light”. He had seized it from the Moghuls when he overran Delhi in 1739. Before being given this name, the diamond was known as Syamantac Mani, meaning “Prince among Diamonds”. The Kohinoor is truly that.

This highly controversial diamond has fascinated mankind for ages, including myself and with this though in mind, I asked myself “Why is this diamond known as a curse? Is it really a curse or just a co-incidence? Why is almost every Asian country claiming ownership of the diamond?”

This is the curse of the Kohinoor. It is said to bring bad luck to any man who wears this diamond as it has a long and bloody history. The belief is that the curse will not work as long as it is in the possession of a woman. All the men who have owned it have either lost their throne or were victims of misfortunes. Indeed from the reign of Queen Victoria, the diamond has always gone to the consort of the male heir to the British throne. Extensive research and facts show that whoever has possessed it has had their fair share of misery and misfortune.

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