Google+ Business Pages – 6 Things to Know About Google+ Pages

The newest social networking site, Google+, has recently released a feature that allows businesses Buy Google Reviews, bands or anyone to create a Google+ business page. A business page is similar to a Facebook business page in the sense that its purpose is to create a social presence for a particular brand, whatever that brand may be. However instead of getting “likes” and fans for your page, you get followers and the newly coveted +1 button. There are a lot of benefits to creating a Google+ page for your business. Google seems to be integrating Google+ into everything: apps, search results, even advertisements. It will become very important for businesses and brands who have an audience or who want to create an audience to get started with Google+.

Outlined below are six things to know about Google+ Pages. Be sure to get started with your Google+ page and start growing your Google+ network.

Six things to know about Google+ Pages:

1. Pages can’t add individual people to their Circles unless the page is added by that person first, or unless the page gets “mentioned.” Circles refer to the individual groups in which people classify who they know. Different Circles could be friends, co-workers, college classmates etc. And unless your page is added to someone’s Circle first, you cannot add that person to your page’s Circle.

2. Pages, unlike personal profiles, can be created for various different entities such as a business, a band, or a charity. Personal profiles are specifically for individual people only. A Google+ page is important because you will now be able to showcase your business within the Google+ platform, without violating the terms of the social network.

3. By default, the privacy settings on your page are set so that it is available to view by anyone. These settings can be adjusted, but just be aware that when you first launch your Google+ page, it will be viewable to the public.

4. If you follow a page, and it follows you back (see Item 1), but then you decide to unfollow that page, automatically the page will unfollow you too. So, to stop a page from following you or adding you to their circle, simply unfollow it and Google will automatically ensure you are off their list too.

5. All Google pages include the plus one (+1) button. Just as you can “like” a page in Facebook, you can “plus one” a Google+ page. This is great because it will allow people to share your page and your content over the Google+ network. Also, it’s believed that getting a number of +1’s on your page could influence search rank.

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