The Thrill of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Finals

Football was originally played and devised in the united kingdom, and then afterwards it is introduced by the British to most of its colonized territories like the African nation South Africa. Few more years and it gained popularity among sports enthusiasts not only in Europe but to almost every country in the world.

Its recent popularity and worldwide acceptance pave the way for the institution of its governing body, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (International Federation of Association Football) which is now the world renowned FIFA Soccer Streams. For most of the years FIFA has been the organizer of various football tournaments and implementer of every rules regarding the sport. One of the main football tournaments would be the FIFA World Cup. The FIFA World Cup is held every four years and now on its 19th league. Surely it has a history of non-stopping thrill and excitement all throughout the world.

The 2010 FIFA championship is currently being held in South Africa and has been participated by the best of all football players of different countries. It commenced last June 11 and is expected to have a heart pounding 2010 World Cup Finals. This year’s tournament can be considered as the 2010 finals since the qualification process have already been started and selected from August of 2008 to date, including pre-fights during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Last August 2007 there have already been 204 participating and contending countries from the total members of 208.

This year’s 2010 soccer finals is expected to be the most awaited sporting event of the year and is expected to be the most viewed with the onset of numerous worldwide media coverage and streams, and major information spread. South Africa is the country host of this year’s 2010 finals, defeating Morocco and Egypt in the process of bidding. South Africa is said to be the home of many football fans and enthusiasts alike. A lot of football stadium and mostly, the biggest ones either in Africa or the world and a vast majority of players abound, from the old and young, professionals or the out of school youth.

This year’s 2010 FIFA World Cup finals is a must see event where a lot of enthusiast expectations are present as to whom the defending champions, that would be Italy, would have to battle with in the finals. Italy, 2006’s FIFA World Cup champion will have to defend its championship title in this year’s tournament. Every day, excitement and news all over about the 2010 World Cup Finals is growing and gets even bigger. People from all around the world are flocking to South Africa only not to miss this event. Tickets to the finals, hotel and flights are almost full. Expect a thrilling experience this year with the 2010 World Cup Finals. For several years, the English Premier League was widely acknowledged to be the richest football competition in the world. Not only did they have the greatest television deals in place for greater revenue, but they also have clubs with far reaching brands. These included Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and many more.

The Premier League clubs would enjoy high attendances and consistently did well in European competitions. This in turn brought in more revenue from gate receipts and merchandising. The combined financial rewards with broadcast rights led to the clubs attracting better quality players both home and abroad, thus giving them further opportunities to improve both on and off the field.

This would appear to go on and on in a neverending cycle of wealth. However, the latest money rankings of European clubs have indicated otherwise. There are now no Premier League teams in the top two richest football clubs in Europe. Instead, previous leaders like Manchester United and Chelsea have fallen short and slid down the rankings. The only improvement was seen from Arsenal and Manchester City, both clubs having benefited in different ways. Now, the top two Spanish football teams of Real Madrid and Barcelona have outstripped their English rivals which have prompted more opinions that English football is again on the decline.

Is it true then that being overtaken on the money list truly points to the demise of wealth and success in English football? Such an accusation would require proper analysis and discussion of the true state of the various Premier League club involved. Are they suffering from a drop in revenue and thus faring worse in other areas as a result of that?

One would first have to determine the change in ownership of several of these clubs. Teams like Manchester United and Chelsea have gone from being largely British owned in the past to foreign owners or being run like commercial entities. Some of these new owners took over the clubs and used them as debt equity wagons thus causing them to be saddled with debts on the books. It does not reflect a true drop in the revenue streams for the clubs.

However, with these debts, many of which require large interest payments for many years, the bottomline of these clubs have thus taken a serious hit. Their revenues might have increased with success, but they are disproportionately less than the large amounts of debt that were transferred to their accounts. This is something that is not necessarily clear on first look with recent money rankings.

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